Ready to be more productive?

Time…it’s the one commodity we can’t easily buy more of. Now you can delegate, outsource and hire on but that’s not really getting more time. Over the next few months we’re going to talk all things productivity. How to be more productive, of course, but also how to do you get in a productive mindset, how do you figure out what derails your productivity and where do you learn to fix it.

How to do we make productivity a back burner habit that supports your efforts easily and with out a great amount of forethought?  Productive people don’t have more time in the day, they just make the most of each and every minute. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite productivity hacks, along with resources and tutorials to help you get the most out of your day!

Over time you’ll notice that as you focus on these individual habits, distractions will decrease and hopefully your stress level will too. 

Today’s strategy – Decluttering your Desktop…the virtual kind!

Don’t let a messy desktop slow you down. Clear your desktop, file those files, delete the icons you don’t need and get rid of any random files you saved to your desktop once upon a time. Want to know why this helps? Check out this article on how messy desktops can affect your computer processing speed. All those files saved to your desktop are eating up your operating memory and slowing you down!  Create a productive desktop in five easy steps.
  1. Delete any files are are not necessary or needed any longer. Be sure to empty your trash when you’re done.
  2. Look through the remaining files. Are these active projects? Create folders in your my documents or on your external hard drive to file these into. A clear project or client based filing system will help you locate the files when you need them in the future. 
  3. Archive any files that are not being used for active projects, but that you don’t want to delete. Create an Archive Folder in your My Documents or external hard-drive and file them by topic.
  4. Organize your icons – visual symmetry will help you locate files quickly in the future instead of searching through a hodge podge of random files spaced out all over the screen.
  5. Reboot your computer
Want to take it a step farther? Grab our desktop wallpaper to help you organize your icons and keep your desktop in tip top shape! There is something very freeing about creating a decluttered environment that leads to a more productive session‼️

MentoringU Bonus Wallpaper

Click on the image to open the wallpaper in a new tab. Right click and save it to your computer. There you can upload it as your desktop background image.