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We are driven to make eLearning fun and engaging while providing the results and outcomes you need!

We are dedicated to discovering the strategies and techniques that keep online learners engaged and excited! From captivating videos and interactive discussions to thrilling challenges and personalized learning, our toolkit is packed with fun and effective ways to make learning an enjoyable and engaging adventure. Join us on the journey to revolutionize online education and ignite a passion for learning like never before!

Featured Project

Fostering a Learning Culture

Discover the power of social learning in cultivating a vibrant culture of continuous learning within your organization. In this short eLearning course, explore how social learning strategies can foster engagement, collaboration, and the effective sharing of knowledge. Uncover the benefits of harnessing social platforms, interactive discussions, and collaborative projects to create an environment where learning is dynamic, interconnected, and deeply ingrained in everyday work.


Featured Project

Trade Ally Technical Training 

Technical certification training is essential for many industries. Engaging learners with interactive simulations, easily searchable courses, and leveraging the use of branching logic to allow learners to “test out” of areas they are already educated in can align the course with adult learning best practices and ensure a positive experience for learners and instructors.

Featured Project

The Art of Competitive Analysis

Discover the key strategies for gaining a competitive advantage by understanding your rivals in the market. Acquire valuable insights into customer research methodologies and delve into effective approaches to assess the needs, preferences, and challenges of your target audience. Master the art of crafting comprehensive buyer personas that encapsulate the essence of your perfect customers. Throughout this course, you’ll uncover how leveraging insights about your competition can truly set you apart.


Featured Project

Interactive Education

Interactions and hands-on activities are beneficial for learners of all ages. This interaction was built for a younger audience to enhance a science unit on energy efficiency. It combines the feel of an app or game with the educational reinforcement of a knowledge check. 

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