Guess who’s back?

Yeah I know, it’s been a little while since you heard from me, but I really am excited to be back. I’ve been hard at work helping clients get ready to be super productive in 2017, with a focus on tasks that deliver clear and consistent results. So often we waste time on tasks that derail our productivity and aren’t essential to success because we’ve lost sight of exactly where we want to go with our business and our personal life. Over the next few months I’ll be sharing some of the strategies right here on the blog. If you haven’t already, be sure you grab the 90 Day Jumpstart Action Planner. I’ll be referring to that handy-dandy guide over the next few posts, so you’ll want to grab it, print it out and keep it nearby.

Stock up on coffee, we’re about to make change happen with some good old-fashioned action oriented tools!

First up, How Entrepreneurs Can Manage their Time to Increase Their Productivity!

Time…it’s the one commodity we can’t easily buy more of. Now you can delegate, outsource and hire on, but that’s not really getting more time. Over the next few months we’re going to talk all things productivity. How to be more productive, of course, but also how to do you get in a productive mindset, how do you figure out what derails your productivity and where do you learn to fix it. How to do we make productivity a back burner habit that supports your efforts easily and without a great amount of forethought?  Productive people don’t have more time in the day, they just make the most of each and every minute. Get ready… I’ll be sharing some of my favorite productivity hacks, along with resources and tutorials to help you get the most out of your day!

One of my absolute favorite productivity hacks is using the Pomodoro Technique for focused bursts of productivity that deliver real results. 

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