This morning I took two hours to play hookey and pretend I was a non-working mom.  I took off of work, cleared my obligations and for two lovely hours I was just a Mom! In those two hours I juggled more than I will for the rest of the day. I shuttled kids, hit sitters, attended a program at the school, took pictures, helped clean up, chatted with moms I only see at functions like this… As I was leaving and heading back to reality I took a moment to appreciate that I can prioritize life this way.

Whether you are working a classic 9-5 with an understanding boss, launching your own company so you can create your own schedule or any hybrid in between, finding out how to balance your work and life priorities is key to “having it all.”

When I first began telecommuting I read a book called The Work at Home Balancing Act and although it’s older and out of print the fundamentals were pretty solid. Figure out what works for you and create a routine that supports it. The routines in the book were a bit out of date for the life we live today and my inability to find a book that I could relate to teased and taunted me for weeks until I decided to put words on paper. I started writing #EntrepreDOit almost 10 years ago. It was part chronicle of the struggles I faced figuring out how to work from home in a corporate environment with no precedent…all with a baby in a bjorn. It was also a way for me to document the routines and systems that began to fall into place to make me productive. Over the last year it’s evolved as I began working with other entrepreneurs to encourage them to take action on their ideas. I can’t wait to share it with you!