creativecreativeIn days gone past we had a more graceful existence. We cooked, we sewed, we built…we created. Over time we have industrialized so many parts of our society, created a profit driven, work-a-holic culture and idealized financial success. Along the way we seem to have lost the element of creation that use to be a part of all of us. 
These days we flock to Pinterest, we ooh and aah over what crafty mums have done, and decide to fit a DIY project into our weekend. We’ve turned creating, building, and entertaining into an artistic hobby. It’s no longer the norm for an elegant dinner party, with dressed up guests to be a regular part of our lifestyle. Perhaps I am alone, but the grace we’ve lost along the way nags at me. 
We have seen small businesses on the rise and Entrepreneurship seems to be the topic on the tip of everyone’s tounge. I think this is a natural result of our need to create. We build businesses the way children used to build dog houses on a summer’s day. We have a driving need to say I DID THIS, I created something, I’ve left my mark and have something to show for it.
Entrepreneurship fills a void we haven’t consciously known was missing. We pursue that which we need and didn’t even recognize. For myself, and perhaps you, being an entreprenuer allows us to merge what we are good at and what we want to accomplish in a way that the traditional 9-5 can’t.
ab85ac_13347c4348dd4da0b7debb0ed9203ed5I love Entrepreneurship and the opportunities it presents. I love the satisfaction of creating a website, a dining room table, or a truly exceptional meal. We move at such a hectic pace these days that taking time to slow down and truly do something well is almost difficult. As I have said before Hard Work is not something to shy away from. Embrace what challenges you, what stretches your comfort zone. Do something great and proudly proclaim to the world what you alone have made. 
Creativity creates conversations and with conversations comes ideas, possibilities, and potential. Embrace the unknown and reach for the stars. I know this reads a little hokey. It’s very inspirational and not my usual practical advice, but there is nothing practical about dreaming. There is nothing practical about ditching a steady income and pursuing an avenue filled with unknown obstacles, hard work, and the potential for failure around every corner. Practical is staying put, collecting a steady paycheck, knowing what’s expected and trudging along. It takes all sorts to make the world work and for some the safety net is more necessary to their piece of mind than the passion and creativity is for their soul. For others, however, we chase the glimpses of something MORE. Something better tantalizes us over and over until we are ready to chase it down and own it. 
2016 is days away. What are your goals, your dreams?  Do you have an idea that’s been bubbling up to a boil, tickling your thoughts and tantilizing your sense of adventure? Whatever passion drives you, we’d love to share in your Journey. Comment below and tell us your story!