Create a Consistent Brand for Your Small Business!

Create a Consistent Brand for Your Small Business!

There are so many buzz words floating around the entrepreneur atmosphere…startup, tech, early adopter, brander…you name it! We feel the need to do it all! The question is, where do we start?  Next month we are launching the Small Business Startup Challenge! It’s a 12 week step by step, mentored tour through the launch process! If you’ve already launched your business, join us and see if you missed anything! This is a full blown course with all the trimmings! We want to set you up for success! 
More to come on the challenge, but here’s a sneak peek at the line up!
  • Week 1: Mind mapping to discover and define your lifestyle goals.
  • Week 2: Mind mapping to discover and define your busines goals.
  • Week 3: Aligning your mindmaps to create an integrated goal plan.
  • Week 4: Breaking your goal plan into Yearly, Monthly and Weekly actionable goals.
  • Week 5: Setup for Success – Websites, tools and services to have ready to roll!
  • Week 6: Consistent Branding – Creating a brand you love, and tools for consistency.
  • Week 7: About Me – Creating an about me description, profile, and video that rocks!
  • Week 8: Social Media Savvy – Setting up Social Media for Success
  • Week 9: Website 101 – Page planning, copy writing and graphic creation.
  • Week 10: Website 201 – Build it, Brand it, Publish it!
  • Week 11: Email list building – The 5 emails you need to get you started!
  • Week 12: Your Grand Debut – Time to hit the send button and spread the word…You’re in Business!
In the meantime, if you are looking to create a consistent brand for your small business, be sure to check out Canva for Work’s new branding tool! I love it! In just a few clicks you can create branded templates that are geared to your colors, fonts and logo design, making graphics work just that much easier! If you haven’t used Canva before, check out the videos and tutorials in our Training Center!
One of the things I truly love about the Canva platform is how easy it makes graphic design for you! In the corporate and graphic design world I receive a brand guideline book for any client I work for. It has several key components :
  • Communicates how to use the logo, colors and name of the company.
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Logo sizing
  • White space around logo
  • What to use on a dark background
Canva has made this even easier by letting you do all of this on a single page.  

It also gives you the HEX color code on all of your colors allowing you to ensure a consistent look and feel across all of your materials!  Want to see how easy it is to do?

MentoringU Skills Lab offers E-Learning for Entrepreneurs

MentoringU Skills Lab offers E-Learning for Entrepreneurs

I am so excited to debut the MentoringU Skills Lab!

I’m sitting here in front of the Christmas tree reflecting on all that 2015 has brought me. It’s been a fast and furious year as Mentoring Mompreneurs and MentoringU grew and then merged into the launching pad for my E-Learning for Entrepreneurs efforts. Starting a business and watching it grow over the first few years is a little like figuring out your major in college. You have an idea when you got there and by the time you graduate you’ve changed it 9 times, but along the way you found yourself, developed your ideas and came out experienced and educated. I knew when I started on this path that I wanted to support entrepreneurs in launching their dreams and generating an income that helped them affort a lifestyle of their choice. I’ve supported that with small business services like web design, social media guidance and mentoring sessions, but the common thread always seemed to be a foucs on education. And like a college junior at the moment of officially deciding what path to take, I’ve spent the last quarter of 2015 redefining what MentoringU has to offer.

 I’ve never been a patient person, and I just couldn’t wait two more weeks to share an exciting new addition to MentoringU! I had planned to kick off 2016 with the announcement, but I just can’t wait!!!