As I promised last week, I’m back with more Tips on what I think makes Entrepreneurship amazing, and what you need to know to be successful! I hope you are finding this series inspirational.
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Now, on to the good stuff!
  1. Develop an inspiration board and at least 3 affirmations.  When the going gets tough, the entrepreneur needs to remember why they got started. What was their driving factor, their tipping point moment, their WHY. Create a visual that can be printed, framed, laminated, etc Keep it handy and look at it each day. Find at least 3 affirmations that help create positive connotations with your goals. Say them to yourself, say them out loud, write them down, just spend a few minutes each day focusing on your driving motivation!
  2. Start as  your mean to go on.  Create your systems and stick with them from day one. Review your numbers on Friday, write blog posts on Monday, review social media needs monthly, whatever you determine to be ongoing, regular business needs, carve out time and make them a priority. 
  3. Build a business that works for YOU! Buillding a business, your business, takes time and effort, lots of late nights, early mornings and more. Make sure that you are looking at the business you are building from every angle. Is this a business you will still be happy running 10 years from now? When you are successful and have acheived your goals, what does that look like and how does the life you want to be living fit in. Don’t build a business that needs you in the office 40 hours a week if you don’t want to be in the office for 40 hours per week. 
  4. Numbers don’t lie.  Make it an essential part of you week to review the numbers. Good, bad or ugly, numbers don’t lie. Know if your business is on track, behind or exceding expectations. Knowledge is power and knowing how your business is performing is vital to becoming and staying successful.
  5. See failure as part of the path to success. Few people succeed the first time. For most,success was a winding road. Try to enjoy the journey and always view failure as a learning exerpience. Failure is only a roadblock if you don’t detour and find a new way, a new path to achieve your objective. Never stop trying. 
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