office1Landing pages are entire pages devoted to driving a specific action. In fact, you may already have one on your website so be sure to look!  The idea is to capture visitors information so you can continue the conversation with them and promote your business. Have you ever clicked a link on Facebook and ended up on a page that tells you about a specific service, webinar, or offer and prompted you to take an action like “signing up for a newsletter” or “Click here to download?” If you provided your name or email to do so (enabling the company to contact you in the future) then you were on a landing page. 

Landing pages offer visitors a chance to focus on one simple action without being overwhelmed by an entire website. They often don’t have a header bar and navigation options, have minimal “pretty” features and consistently drive focus to one objective (Buy, Sell, Sign Up, Etc)

You have one goal with a landing page…GET THEM TO CLICK!

Because landing pages are not tied to your visible navigation you need to be sure they are associated with any ad campaigns, Pay Per Click advertising or a dedicated url that visitors will come across when searching.  You will also want to showcase them on your social media sites and through any emails you send to your client base. A strong landing page with a clear call to action will result in a CLICK where you can capture the lead.  This means your landing page needs some type of call to action. 

Some examples of calls to action include: 

  • Sign up for a XXX (<—-your promotion here)

  • Subscribe to our newsletter

  • Click here for a free quote

  • Click here to contact us
You can build landing pages on most website platforms, check back next week for my review of several top options! If you need any help, shoot me an email and I will be happy to discuss pricing for landing page creation.