Your Investment

Your website can be your hardest working ally, sending traffic your way, answering questions, and making sure potential customers know what you can do. We have website design and rennovation packages at several investment levels so you can choose excatly waht you need!

You Have Questions…Great. We Have Answers!

How Long Will It Take?

We understand that you are ready for your website to match your vision…and you want it done yesterday! We’ve been there too! We build great websites with a fast turnaround, but having your content, images, and branding ready to go will help enormously! While each website design or renovation will vary, we often complete our Solopreneur Startup package in under two weeks.

What Will We Need From You?

Great question! We have a Website Wishlist we ask you to fill out and spend some time thinking through. This is the start of our design plan and will really help us understand what you want your website to do. We also ask you to provide us with 1-3 personas or avatars for your ideal client so we can ensure your design will be tailored to the customers you want to attract. After we receive your Website Wishlist we’ll set up a dropbox for you to add your images, videos, logos, branding guidelines, etc. 

I already have a website, can you update it?

Absolutely! We do a lot of website facelifts and renovations. We’ll walk through a similar process of learning what you do and don’t love about your website, and what other features you would like. From there we’ll start the re-design. We’ll do all the renovations behind the scenes so you’re existing website can stay live while we work.

What kind of photos do I need?

We live in a visual society and great pictures are definitely a must for an engaging and eye-catching website. We can use a branded photoshoot of yours, stock images, or a combination of both to create the look you want.

Will I be able to make changes myself?

Yes! We encourage all of our clients to learn a little of the basics. We’ll show you how to post your blog posts and make minor updates so you can do your best work without worrying about constant updating costs. We also offer very affordable maintenance packages to protect your site’s security and do simple updates on a monthly basis.

We're Ready to Build Your Website!