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EntrepreDOerzineOk now I know that is a tongue twister…say it with me nice and slow… Entre – pre- DOer -zine! See that’s not so hard, but I bet you can’t say it 5 times fast (If you try, catch it on video and send it my way :)).

We are launching a digital magazine that will be published quarterly and feature profiles on Entrepreneurs, industry news, and advertising blocks. I am constantly searching for new ways to create benefit for the members in my local networking group, online network of entrepreneurs, and the amazing people I seem to meet each and every day. Everyone has such a unique gift and I have been searching for a way to showcase the amazing variety of skills and services our members represent.

Fast forward and you have the officially announcement…We are launching a digital magazine that will profile 8-12 entrepreneurs each quarter and will be available for you to read and hopefully share with your customer base. The magazine will also be shared with all North Austin Networking Group Members to share with their customer base and promoted aggressively in social media. I hope to provide great profiles of our network of EntrepreDOers and a section for you to advertise and promote any specials or promotions.

This first issue will be a test run, and will be priced accordingly! If you are interested, be sure to submit your profile at­ by July 15th. This first series of profiles are offered at no cost! If you are interested in advertising or offering a promotion that will run through the fall, you can do so at early bird rates. (BONUS: If you run an ad now at early-bird rates, we’ll grandfather you in at that rate for a full year). Rate: $250 for full-page ads; $175 for half- page ads; $100 for quarter page ads or less. Payment is due the same date as your ad is placed.

If you’ve been attending meetings, we’ve been talking about this upcoming opportunity and it’s finally here!
The #EntrepreDOit Revolution

The #EntrepreDOit Revolution

How do I…

I’m going to …

I have an idea…

So often we start off strong with a question, a plan or even just an idea. We tell other people about our idea, we dive into research, we get excited, ramped up and even obsessive to make something happen. But just like an ambitious workout plan that you start on the Monday morning after a pizza binge Sunday night, the momentum and dedication often fizzles out far too soon. 

#EntrepreDOit is a movement, a revolution if you will. It’s starting off small like these things always do, but I hope to see it sweep the nation and circle the globe over the next year… inspiring thousands of Entrepreneurs along the way. We’re revolutionizing entrepreneurship and turning ideas into actions!  The idea here is to recognize that actions lead to success so we need to be intentional in our planning, our tasks and our to-do lists, and ensure that what we are doing each day is taking action on what will result in our success. This is a pledge, a voluntary opt-in to join other like minded ambitious entrepreneurs in owning your schedule to make change happen! #EntrepreDOers plan and tackle their to-do’s everyday to make #EntrepreDOit a lifestyle.

A little over a decade ago I left the office to start working from home. I did the same corporate job, just from a home office, but let me tell you everything changed. I had to set different schedules, adjust both my and my co-workers expectations of my availability, and most of all embrace the flexibility that a schedule could provide. I began writing here and there, just chronicling my journey and the chaos that happened as I had three kids, two dogs and a few inner city moves happen along the way. I had to let go of the fluff and be selective about what would help me accomplish my goals. I had to learn to balance both work and life priorities if I wanted any semblance of balance. Most of all I had to learn how to just buckle down and get stuff done! Working from home can be such a productive strategy when you look at it as a tool. 

As time went on I began to get more and more questions on how I made it work. People wondered if I worked in my pajamas or was ever off the clock. They asked how to got work done when my baby had a rough day and if I ever took sick time. I found myself giving advice so frequently I started blogging and just handing out a web address. Recently I decided to pull this all together into a book and fulfill a long time dream of one day being an author. I’m super excited to be in the final stages of writing and soon to be moving on to editing #EntrepreDOit, my story (the good, the bad and the ugly!). I’m hoping to have it available for pre-order by July and ready for delivery to your eager hands by August.  It’s the behind the scences prequel that is my foundation for the #EntrepreDOit Revolution. I can’t wait to share it. In the meantime, if this call to action, this no-fluff, action oriented strategy is speaking to you…then I invite you to join us in a hashtag happy, obstacle overcoming, caffeine fueled mission!

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Organization, productivity and action hacks for Entrepreneurs on the Rise

Organization, productivity and action hacks for Entrepreneurs on the Rise

This morning I took two hours to play hookey and pretend I was a non-working mom.  I took off of work, cleared my obligations and for two lovely hours I was just a Mom! In those two hours I juggled more than I will for the rest of the day. I shuttled kids, hit sitters, attended a program at the school, took pictures, helped clean up, chatted with moms I only see at functions like this… As I was leaving and heading back to reality I took a moment to appreciate that I can prioritize life this way.

Whether you are working a classic 9-5 with an understanding boss, launching your own company so you can create your own schedule or any hybrid in between, finding out how to balance your work and life priorities is key to “having it all.”

When I first began telecommuting I read a book called The Work at Home Balancing Act and although it’s older and out of print the fundamentals were pretty solid. Figure out what works for you and create a routine that supports it. The routines in the book were a bit out of date for the life we live today and my inability to find a book that I could relate to teased and taunted me for weeks until I decided to put words on paper. I started writing #EntrepreDOit almost 10 years ago. It was part chronicle of the struggles I faced figuring out how to work from home in a corporate environment with no precedent…all with a baby in a bjorn. It was also a way for me to document the routines and systems that began to fall into place to make me productive. Over the last year it’s evolved as I began working with other entrepreneurs to encourage them to take action on their ideas. I can’t wait to share it with you!

Free Social Media Savvy Webinar

Free Social Media Savvy Webinar

Vintage-MicI’m working hard and fast on finishing up a project that has been floating around in the back of my mind for a long, long, L O N G time! Social media is a beast that most entrepreneurs realize they need to tackle, but often feel obligated and overwhelmed by. 

I hate that! 
For many of us, we had an idea that inspired us, charged up our creativity and fueled our passion. Social Media is a fabulous marketing tool, but isn’t the reason that most of us became entrepreneurs. Arming yourself with tools, strategies, techniques, tips, etc is important. Know when to use what tool is ESSENTIAL!

For a long time I have wanted to build a master class on social media…and it’s coming (keep your eyes out in late February for a BIG announcement!), but in the meantime I’m starting a little smaller and presenting a great webinar for FREE on this crazy important topic.Now you might be asking yourself what is different about this course…I get that! There are a lot of webinars, free guides, workbooks, and videos out there to teach you all about social media. This webinar is going to tackle social media with the goal of helping you identify where you should spend your time.  No one can do it all, so we’re going to idenfity where our target audience is already spending their time, prioritze your goals and interests and then align the two to develop the social media strategy that is right for you!
I am super excited about the webinar and the presentation is looking amazing! I can’t wait to share it with you and hope you are hopping to get over and get registered!
5 More Tips on Rocking Your Entrepreneur Journey

5 More Tips on Rocking Your Entrepreneur Journey

As I promised last week, I’m back with more Tips on what I think makes Entrepreneurship amazing, and what you need to know to be successful! I hope you are finding this series inspirational.
If you like the content, you would be a great fit for our Free Goal Planning mini course! Over the course of 10 days we send 1 email each day guiding you through identifying, understanding and analyzing your goals. The exercise is designed to help you create actionable steps to take that will guide your business in the direction you desire! If this sounds like a good fit for you, check out the details at the end of the post.