Hi! I'm Traci, Small Business Problem Solver

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Why I launched MentoringU

Every success is born of great planning or great anxiety, and likely you know which one you excel at! You can meander your way to success without a launch plan, a strategy and some tools, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

For years I’ve developed action plans for clients of all sizes, regardless of their background or goals. The truth is…successful launches depend on breaking a big 10,000-foot dream down into grassroots efforts and creating actionable tasks you can tackle one step at a time.

That’s where I come in. I help clients take their ideas and overcome the obstacles holding them back, using tech solutions to make their life easier. Through MentoringU I provide training, workshops, templates and mentoring services that are designed to help you launch with less stress and get better results…regardless of whether you are launching a business, a product, or a campaign. 

Traci PNG_edited-2Let’s Work Together…

I love solving problems. I love challenges. I love meeting amazing entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. I want to know how I can help YOU!

Over the last decade or so I’ve worked in the corporate world, built a business or two from the ground up in the entrepreneur world, and finally discovered that my passion and purpose was on the bridge between the two.

I create training, resources and skill building tutorials to support entrepreneurs on their journey to success, and feature all that knowledge in my Entrepreneur Skills Lab, a monthly membership site where you can access the answers to your questions at any tie.

I would love to work with you! Every story has a unique start and mine involves telecommuting, chaotic schedules and juggling kids to find my passion and purpose.

If you are ambitious and ready to take an idea from inspiration to a successful implementation in a motivated, engaging and uplifted environment you can join us on Facebook, or become a MentoringU Insider and join the Skills Lab.